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What Is An End Of Life Vehicle?

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An end of life vehicle (or ELV) is a motor vehicle that is going to be disposed of. A vehicle reaches the end of its life when it no longer works, is too expensive to repair or is no longer able to be used for any other reason.

How Do Vehicles Become End Of Life?

There isn’t a regulation that dictates when a vehicle reaches end of life status. It’s usually a decision made by the owner. Sometimes the car is too expensive to repair, is too old or is simply no longer wanted. Insurance companies can also make this decision, by paying out for a damaged vehicle and taking ownership of it.

The Types Of ELVs

There are two types of end of life vehicle. One is a natural ELV, where issues have rendered the vehicle not worth repairing. These are usually older vehicles that have accumulated issues over time, but can also have manufacturer faults or other issues that occurred naturally.

The second type is a premature ELV. These are vehicles that have been damaged in accidents. There would be no other reason that the vehicle would have been expected to be scrapped.

Disposing Of An ELV

No matter whether your vehicle has reached the end of its life naturally or prematurely, responsible disposal is the same. Motor vehicles need to be dismantled and separated, so every part is disposed of economically. There are many parts of vehicles that can be recycled, and the precious metals will still have value. This is why you can get paid to scrap your car.

Once your ELV is scrapped, you’ll receive a certificate of destruction. This deregisters your vehicle and confirms with the DVLA that the vehicle has been destroyed correctly.

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What About Classic Cars?

Vintage vehicles don’t really fall under the class of ELVs. Cars that are considered to be historic, classic or vintage aren’t obliged to be scrapped if it’s not necessary. Many people restore classic cars as a hobby, and this is fine so long as any waste products are disposed of properly. Unless the owner of the vehicle makes a decision to scrap it, it won’t be considered end of life.

To Scrap End Of Life Vehicles, Choose Ammanford Recycling Limited

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