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How Is Metal Recycled?

Ever wondered what the process of metal recycling is like? It stops items from going to landfill and prevents new metal from being produced unnecessarily. This process also creates the opportunity for the materials to be made into something else, like a new product or building material. So, what happens to the metal once it has come to the end of its life? Find out the process below.

metal recycling


The first process of metal recycling is the collection of metals. At Ammanford Recycling, we welcome many types, including ferrous and non-ferrous. This can include cast iron, steel, aluminium, copper, lead and more. At our centre, we have on-site weighing facilities that will determine the price of your items. Our yard has its own weighbridge so we can cash up all of your scrap quickly!

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Next in the process of metal recycling is sorting through the metals. During the melting stage, the metals shouldn’t be cross-contaminated with each other. The metals should be sorted out accurately to ensure purity in the finished result. A magnet can be used to separate the ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Both man and machine will be able to help separate types of metal. They each have slightly different make-ups so can easily be told apart through certain processes.

The piles made when sorting are prepared for the next steps by being shredded down and compiled into shapes so they can be easily shipped to the correct facilities.

ferrous metals

Processing & Melting

The process of metal recycling next involves melting it down.

Metal recycling is sorted into different metal types because each material has slightly different melting points for the furnace. The melting process removes impurities from the material to help make quality metal. Once it’s gone through the melting process, it can then be cooled and hardened into various shaped blocks.

metal scraps


The blocks of metal that are produced can then be sold for new products to be made. The good thing about this material is that most can be recycled numerous times, which is better for the environment than being sent to landfill or new metals being manufactured.

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