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The Process Of Car Scrapping

Unfortunately, all vehicles have an expiration and this is when car scrapping becomes necessary. The process doesn’t have to be difficult with an ATF (Authorised Treatment Facility). If your vehicle is no longer roadworthy or simply junk, then get in touch with a reliable business to get started. The process might be slightly different for insurance write-offs, but read on to find out what it’s like for most vehicles.

Scrap car collection

Get A Quote

The first step of car scrapping is to get a quote.

At Ammanford Recycling, we have a handy online calculator that takes your vehicle registration and postcode to estimate how much your vehicle would make.

The estimation is based on the age, make, and model of a vehicle. The resulting quote depends on the state the vehicle is in. Whether you have removed parts will also have an impact on how the vehicle is worth.

Prepare Documents

If you require car scrapping, then there are some documents you will need to complete to do this. This includes those such as the logbook (or the V5C certificate), the manual, and the service history. To prove that you are the owner of the vehicle, you may also be asked for some identification. The ATF will discuss what documents they need from you when you get in touch.

Remove All Your Belongings

Before collection, you’ll want to make sure all your belongings are removed. Make sure to check any places where valuables might have fallen. Checking in places like underneath the seats, in the glove box, and the car boot is wise.

Vehicle Collection

At Ammanford Recycling, we can come and collect your vehicle for car scrapping. We can confirm the price of your vehicle and then take it off your hands. With a collection service, you don’t have to do much and the process is simple. We will take you through the paperwork so you don’t have to worry.

Informing The DVLA

When car scrapping takes place, the DVLA needs to be informed. At Ammanford Recycling, we can help you take care of the necessary paperwork and let you know if you need to complete anything yourself. You’ll want to ensure that you are scrapping your vehicle legally with an ATF. Once your vehicle has been scrapped, you will receive a certificate of destruction which you should keep for your own records.

For Car Scrapping, Call Ammanford Recycling

For a simple vehicle collection service, get in touch with us now. Our friendly team help to make sure the process is smooth. We can arrange a collection at your earliest convenience.

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