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How Much Money Can You Get For Scrapping Your Car?

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You may not have known that your old vehicle could fetch you a nice sum of money if you choose to scrap it. However, not all cars are the same. Some will be worth a little bit more than others. The ever-fluctuating value of scrap metal will also affect how much you get. Let’s take a closer look at the factors which may dictate how much you get for scrapping your car.

Your Car Make & Model

The make and model of your car will dictate its value at all points of its life. Whether you’re purchasing, selling or scrapping, this is an important detail. When it comes to your car’s value in scrap, the price will be a calculation of the type of metal that it’s made from and its weight, as well as the value of the components. Some vehicles have parts that hold a lot of value, as they can be sold as spares and repairs.

The Price Of Scrap Metal

The value of scrap metal is something that changes often. It’s affected by many factors. Because we export a lot of metal, international demand will affect the value. If demand goes up, the value goes up. If demand drops, it goes down. Demand can be reduced for all sorts of reasons, but there are times when major importers have too many reserves and simply need to hold back on purchasing our scrap metal. It’s worth keeping an eye on the current value of metal if you’re thinking of scrapping your car and want to get the best price.

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Should You Dismantle A Vehicle For Scrapping?

Unless you know a lot about car parts and are able to remove them safely and sell them for a fair price, it’s probably best to leave your vehicle intact. Removing car parts is a messy, complicated job and you’ll struggle to sell parts if you end up damaging them. Scrap cars that haven’t had anything removed will fetch the largest sum of money from the scrapyard. If anything’s missing, they’ll reduce the rate of their offer. This can be an even larger reduction if the parts removed mean that the vehicle is difficult to move.

For Car Scrapping, Choose Ammanford Recycling Limited

Now that you know a little more about the value of your unwanted vehicle, you might be thinking of scrapping it. Give us a call if you’d like to learn more about our services, or fill in our online valuation to get an estimate of the value of your car.

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