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The Environmental Benefits Of Car Scrapping & Metal Recycling

car scrap recycling
car scrap recycling

Eco-friendly solutions are a hot topic in today’s climate. Now more than ever, people are conscious of their carbon footprint and how we can collectively reduce waste and damage to our eco-system. Car scrapping and recycling your ferrous and non-ferrous metals have a plethora of environmental benefits that may surprise even the most hardened eco-warriors. Keep reading to find out how you could make a difference.

Old Car Vs New?

One might argue they’re single-handedly saving the environment by refraining from modern car purchases. Instead, they fuss over their rickety car of yore. However, newer models are more energy efficient and sustainable than older models. This is because manufacturers are more environmentally conscious than they were 20 years ago, so they aspire to produce less emissions and greenhouse gases during production. Suddenly, selling out for the range of shiny new vehicle isn’t as threatening. This is especially true if you invest in an electric vehicle. They don’t produce as many greenhouse gases, which reduces air pollution. Older vehicles aren’t without their value, but newer cars have the added benefit of eco-sensitive functionality.

Eco-Benefits Of Car Scrapping

What about car scrapping? Similar to the manufacturing process, we’ve come a long way. It’s a legal requirement to have your vehicle scrapped by an authorised treatment facility (ATF, like ourselves at Ammanford Recycling). This is because we have the knowledge, expertise and infrastructure to dispose of toxic and hazardous materials that aren’t fed back into the earth. Car scrapping is also useful for recycling parts for other vehicles. The manufacturing process produces vast amount of greenhouse gases and carbon emissions, so limiting this through recycling drastically reduces the impact on the environment. Finally, chucking components into your local landfill is damaging for obvious reasons, so just don’t do it! Instead, get your bits scrapped or recycled. The planet will thank you.

scrapped car parts
broken down car for scrapping

Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metal Recycling

Here at Ammanford Recycling, we take care of ferrous and non-ferrous materials in an ethical, responsible and eco-friendly way. Ferrous metals possess iron or similar components in their composition, whereas non-ferrous metals don’t (Ferrum = iron, à la Latin). Both can be recycled — and should. Metal recycling follows the same logic as car recycling. The more existing materials we can recycle, the less we need to mine and resource from the earth. This process is responsible for high amounts of greenhouse emissions in our atmosphere, so you can do your bit by taking your metals to your local ATF.

Contact Us For Car Scrapping & Metal Recycling Today

If you want to do your part for the environment, contact us on on 01269 596 904 for ethical scrapping in South Wales. Our experienced and professional team will give you an easy and hassle-free process from start to finish. We care about the environment, so we want to help! We’ll even collect your car for you. If this doesn’t entice you, we provide instant quotes for your scrapped vehicle using our online calculator. From MOT failures to insurance write-offs, we accept all manner of vehicles for scrapping. Start reducing your carbon footprint today.

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